I’ve not long been in a management position and my boss has asked me to help him produce a business plan. He’s given me a number of sections to produce drafts for. My first one is on vision. Can you help me start?



During a recent workshop the topic began to centre on, ‘how best to engage with your various markets’, so we started to focus increasingly on having the need for a vision for the future of your business and why having one was essential.

And this is why: The reason we need a ‘Vision’ is because we need in the first instance to know where we want to get to and why.  This strategic imperative becomes our compass and will help guide all our future thinking because we become what we think about!


When you decide what your vision is it will allow you to consider a whole range of other issues within in a notional framework of intent. For instance, it will help you to decide what your core skills and thus your range of services are or should be, and it will help you differentiate you from your competitors in all kinds of ways.

When you know…  What your vision of this future is and what are the essential ingredients within it are you will have addressed what is commonly known as ‘Your Big Why’.

 E.g. why do we exist as a business, why are we different and why do we care etc.?