Mike is an experienced and talented project manager.  He can organise people and projects like nothing  you’ve ever seen.  But as a presenter, he’s never been able to convince people that his business’s offering represents the very best option to their clients in terms of delivering projects on time and within budget.  In fact his last presentation bombed!

Consequently, he lost one of the best opportunities he’s ever had or is ever likely to have.


Because, he doesn’t have a process to follow that effectively gets his clients in the right frame of mind and wanting to know more.  So, he turned to CLC for help.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not the best presenter in the world, but I do follow a process whenever I’m asked to present my services.  I gave Mike a copy of my pre-presentation formula.  He tried hard to apply it, but fell short many times, which he found very frustrating.

Eventually, he started to apply his newly won knowledge to great effect.  The key to his newly found success was primarily due to his being willing and able to apply my formula to his subject matter.

Its early days, but he’s already won one major project and is in the running for three more, which is a lot different to his past results i.e. he only won one in ten.

So, below is my pre-presentation formula.  Please feel free to use it and I hope it really helps you.


  • A=Audience: WIIFM-what’s in it for me (i.e. the client) – tell the audience why this presentation is important and why is it relevant.
  • B=Big Picture: the big issue(s) surrounding this project – how they might impact you (the client).
  • C=Collateral: We are not going  to/or are going to share the following types of materials/tools with you during our presentation or following it.
  • D=Decision: this is what we expect you to do following our presentation ……
  • E=Enhancement: in the past our clients on average have achieved the following results because of inviting us to work with them.