We hope the following will help you find some small yet valuable ways to improve the future of business growth and development work, help you win more clients, and increase employee engagement.

Running a business can be frustrating and challenging and sometimes it’s worthwhile doing something different to channel our energy differently that also helps put a spring in our step.  So with this in mind, why don’t you show appreciation for life by doing one of two things:


1. Do a random act of kindness for a colleague, client, supplier or even a  stranger; for example: introduce someone to a person you would like to help!  Buy ice creams for your team.  Give up your place on public transport.


2.Share something positive colleague or someone at work.  For example, it maybe that you have really appreciated their contribution or support on a recent project; how well they have handled a difficult situation; what value they bring to the team.  Expressing your thoughts can really boost your team.


You might be amazed at the response you get.


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