So, everything is going to plan for our business growth retreat in sunny Spain.  Our venue is looking magnificent and our programme of events is fully organised, both business and pleasure.


We have been asked some very interesting questions about the retreat that we thought we ought to share with those who have still to decide not to miss out:

Question 1: Could you summarise what a business growth retreat is and how I will benefit?

Answer: When you join one of our  CLC BizRetreats you’ll gain a clear understanding of where your business is now; what your key assets are; the nature and potential impact of all your challenges and which are likely to be the most lucrative opportunities before you.  You’ll also develop a specific blueprint or strategic pathway for you to implement in your business to successfully grow and develop it over the next 12 to 36 months.

All the business growth concepts, strategies and tactics you will be introduced to will prove to be some of the best and most powerful ways to assist you to get your business to the next level, making a real and predictable impact, earning the income you deserve, and creating a life and business you’re proud of.  This intimate programme is robust and designed to create an entire contextual shift in your reality of what’s possible… and how quickly it’s possible.

Question 2:  Who are the retreats for?

Answer: Our CLC BizRetreats are for business owners and senior decision makers that are already successful but who are looking to scale, build and develop their businesses into larger, more profitable and more sustainable companies that are not dependent upon them.  They are for a very small number of special people who are really looking to learn, develop and grow. They are a maximum of 8 people per retreat. 

Question 3: Where do the retreats take place?

Answer: In the beautiful and dramatic Valley of Ricote in a small village of Ulean in Murcia Province, Spain.  Think meandering river, lush green plantation and a 60-hectare estate belong to a Marquis and you’ll be there.  The accommodation is set within huge palm trees, orange and lemon groves and offers the tranquility to reflect, work on your business and enjoy the space to think, all under the Spanish sunshine.

Question 4:  What is the format of a typical Business Growth Retreat?

Answer: Every day will start with a ‘Smart Sessions and Workshop’ were you will learn how best to grow your business and develop your leadership skills.  After you will also be plenty of downtime to relax, think and plan.  There will also be time for exploration, exercise or adventure (all are optional, just join the ones you want and pass on the rest).

Question 5: What’s the level of investment needed?

Answer:  The level investment for a retreat is not the £2,000 you would expect to pay for such a high level, intensive and rewarding programme.  It is the modest and reasonable amount of £599 (excludes flights). Be rest assured the return on investment will always be very significant!  This includes full board with delicious locally produced fresh food, all materials and transfers.

Question 6: Is there a money back guarantee?

Answer: Yes, if you are not satisfied with your experience for any reason; on the assumption you have completed everything you have been asked to do, have handed back all the materials given to you, just let us know and we will refund the full amount.

Question 7: When is the best time to attend a retreat?

Answer: When to start a business growth and development process depends largely on the nature and needs of the organisation and its leader(s). For example, if your business environment is uncertain and it can change rapidly, planning your way forward is essential to keep afloat.  Generally, a business requires a plan when:

  •  When you start a business.
  • If you’re preparing for a new venture such as a product launch.
  • When markets are changing.
  • If the business environment (laws, regulations, business practices) is changing.
  • And at least 5 years or so before you’re planning to exit the business.

Question 8: When does the next Business Growth Retreat start?

Answer: Our next retreat runs from March 27-31, 2019.  So, only 2 places left before we must close bookings.

If you have any urgent questions or wish to book one of the 2 remaining places, please contact Terry direct on 077 36 417 464.