The team here at CLC hope you, your family and your team enjoy the festive season.  As we move into 2019, we hope we can connect with you in-person at one of our forthcoming networking events in the East Midlands.

Or, if you’re ready to get serious, you might want to join one of our upcoming, mastermind-style business growth and development programmes:

BizBoard for a few special business owners who want to get themselves and their businesses to the next level and enjoy the support of some other successful business professionals: two places left.

Rising Stars for team leaders who want to help their employers to grow the business to another level: four places left.

Scale and Grow Rich BizRetreat Alicante, Spain, 27th-31st March for business owners who are serious and are in a hurry to grow their businesses and to safeguard them from the threats that the construction industry will face:five places left.

The theme running through all our business growth, development and leadership programmes is all about how we can help you to grow and develop your business and your leadership capabilities.  But specifically, regarding our “Scale and Grow Rich BizRetreat”, if you’re lucky enough to join us, you’ll leave with a fully thought out strategic plan to ensure you scale and grow your business, together with a concrete set of actions.  This, not to be missed, retreat will be an absolute catalyst for growth within your business.

In our opinion, it’s the closest we’ve been able to come to providing the knowledge and feel of a full-blown business growth summit experience; and the timing is perfect for starting 2019 off on the right foot. (without you having to endure a demanding selection process and interview and the normal £5,750 it would on average take for you to earn a spot on an exclusive business retreat such as ours.)

The team at CLC look forward to spending the 4 concentrated days together focusing on helping you learn, master, and successfully build your own owner independent business.  Now is the time for you to step up and seize this life changing, once a year and profit generating opportunity, so don’t miss your spot here.