Why can I say this with confidence?  

Because I hear this a lot.  Over the many years I have been coaching business owners and their team leaders I have made assumptions about the intentions and spending power of my prospective clients.  I made certain assumptions about the value of my business coaching services.

What concerned me most was that I knew my assumptions were probably frustrating some of my potential clients, and inadvertently making them feel under-appreciated and small.

So, I asked myself: what would happen if I were to:

  • Keep my private business growth coaching fees the same?
  • Reduce my fees?
  • Dramatically increase my rates?

Then I asked what’s the worst that could happen?

Answer:  People could always say no to me.  

That’s worst thing that could happen!


Increasing My Coaching Rates

So, because I passionately believe that coaching services help improve people’s lives, overall well-being and businesses dramatically I decided to put my fees up significantly.  It took a major mindset shift to truly believe people would pay it.

So, I now charging people a higher rate, but the increase in investment is definitely worth it!  The results have been amazing.  What has really surprised me is the effect it has had on the sales pipeline.  I ensure that the quality of my services is second to none and have also noticed that clients are seeing.



Firstly, if I am charging people premium rates then I need to make sure my clients are receiving a premium service and experiencing great results.  Secondly, I found that my clients are all of a sudden a lot more serious about working with me; they are more committed to getting the results they want, and always showed up ready to do the work!


The moral of the story?

When we price our services low, we sell both our clients and ourselves short.  Clients receive a lot more benefits when they are paying a higher rate and, it is my opinion that, they appear more committed to engaging and making necessary changes.

When people pay premium rates for your service, they pay attention and do what is needed of them, so they get the best results money can buy!

If you don’t believe me, trial the idea; I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Are you looking to achieve better results in 2019?

So, whilst we are talking about getting improved results, you might be interest to consider the benefits of two programmes we are starting in January 2019 – CLC BizBoard and CLC Rising Stars.  Both initiatives can help you to quickly and dramatically improve your business results and take less stress out of your working week!


So, one final matter or question to ask.  What would happen if you didn’t address and resolve the number one business challenge you are currently facing?

If you are ready to resolve your challenge you might wish to take advantage of one of our free complimentary breakthrough strategy sessions.  Contact me for more information: terry@constructionleadersclub.com