Why should I be bothered to join a networking club?


Perhaps you may be wondering what goes on at a typical CLC networking event.  Let me explain.

Despite the term “Networking,” all the members are just normal folk, just like you. There is an incredible feeling of support and camaraderie within the room. All titles, egos, years of experience, and income statements are checked ‘at the door’.   Our networking events only exists for one reason only – to advance and further the development, success and wealth of all its members. There is literally nothing like it.

During our meetings, all members get to share what is going on in their businesses and each member has the
opportunity to meet new people, build relationships and bounce a new business idea off the group for feedback.

You will hear about successes, failures (otherwise known as tests!), and business challenges. All members agree to a strict level of confidentiality, which ensures that meetings are safe havens to openly share experiences and ask questions.