According to a recent Harvard Business Review survey, we live in a world where trust is at an all-time-low.  In fact, 58% of respondents admitted to trusting strangers more than their own boss.  How sad, disappointing and unhelpful is that?

Furthermore, it would appear that we live in a world where there’s a strong distrust of business leaders!  Yet it is those very same business leaders we trust to grow and develop us, the business, and those we serve.

Arguably, a lot of the distrust is often due to a lack of information, transparency and appreciation for the people we work with. But it doesn’t have to be like that, it can be different.

We can all act and perform differently in order to gain or retain the trust of our team members.  It’s perfectly possible the you can become a much better leader.  Sometimes it  only takes a few simple tools to make a huge difference.

In our business growth training programmes, we focus on implementing practical, tangible and proven ways to become better leaders and managers. Our programmes and workshops provide hands-on ways to grow your knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately into your business. 

If you want your teams to be more comfortable telling you how they’re feeling or what they need to know, get in touch to learn more.