“How can we quickly increase our turnover”? I was asked a very interesting question the other day by one of my surveying clients.  Apparently, she and her team, had been struggling, ever since they lost one of their biggest clients.

I get asked this question regularly. It’s such a common problem; especially for a small professional services firm.

Whenever  a disaster happens there is a painful need to quickly find some new clients and grow turnover.  Most of the professional services firms in the construction industry, whether they be architects, project managers, consulting engineers, or a multi-disciplinary practice, all have high fixed overheads,  largely due to the cost of their highly talented, but expensive, workforces.

So, in response to her question, I trotted out three of my favourite strategies to quickly increase the sales volumes:


  • Client Reactivation System:
    The simplest sale is usually achieved by approaching a previous client who has already bought from you. Systematically, reach out to the, rekindle the relationship if you’ve not been in touch for a while, and pique their interest in working with you again.


  • Referral System:
    Employ a systematised process wherein you invite and encourage your clients to introduce you to more clients like them.


  • Cross Selling System:
    To avoid the “feast or famine” cycle you always need to have your sales function active . Ideally you do this by systematising and encouraging all your team members, regardless of seniority, to introduce each other to a client of the company that they don’t know on a consistent basis.  That way you create an opportunity for a colleague to sell an existing client a complimentary service or product.

So, what is the biggest takeaway here?

Never stop selling; even when the firm is busy, because you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow!