A few weeks ago I received a short email from one of my private coaching clients; it said:

Hi Terry,

Thanks for all your support to date.  However, in my quieter moments I keep asking myself: “Do I run the company or does it run me?What do you think?




So I pondered on the question; then I replied:



There is no doubt in my mind, you run the company!  However, something is bothering you so why don’t you think about/answer the following questions:

  • Do you still make most of the important decisions in your business?
  • Do most of your team leaders make decisions without asking you first?
  • Do you still do all the: hiring, firing, purchasing, pricing, marketing and sales?
  • Do you still work more hours than all your team?
  • Do you still feel guilty when your not in the office all day?
  • Do you now have enough time to do what your real job is?
  • Do the majority of your clients still call you about most issues?


If your answer to most of these questions is no then since we started working together you have:

  • Grown as a leaders.
  • You are in charge.
  • Your team respect and try to protect you.
  • You’re on a winning trajectory.

 So Keith, if I was you I would stop with the self-doubt and rejoice in the fact that things have changed dramatically for the better!

  Because of our exchange, Keith went on to produce even better results.



Because, he finally realised that he had been making the right decisions; he was delegating; outsourcing and automating systems and processes effectively; and perhaps more importantly by so doing, he now had time to work on his business rather than in it!

Ever since then Keith has continued to invest in his team’s personal and business training and has gone on to rewarding contributions made by his team in even more appropriate and effective ways.

So what is the moral of this story?

  • We all have limits to our current capabilities.
  • We all experience moments of self-doubt and some form of imposter syndrome.
  • We don’t know what we yet don’t know; so we all need ongoing business, professional and personal development.