For those of you who will be lucky enough to be present at the next Construction Leaders Club networking event in November, you are in for a real treat.  Miss it at your peril!


You’ll hear from one of CLC Mastermind clients, Julie Brough, Managing Director of ABA Consulting, a civil and structural engineering consultancy.  Julie, who has been leading the business now for the past three years, is going to share her experiences into the challenges she has faced as a small business owner and some insights as to how she will be growing the business over the next three years.


A unique story

Julie’s story is unique, and her focus, passion and commitment are uplifting.  Julie’s career started in managing figures, working for a big corporate as a tax accountant helping small businesses with their tax problems, but now she is the driving force behind ABA consulting.


Breaking with tradition

Julie decided to take a non-traditional approach to become a business owner in the construction industry; and her business background,  management training, willingness to learn and commitment to her team is proving to be a winning formula.  In a recent workshop she said:


“Every business should restrict itself to one strategy, one set of values, one culture and one style where it’s people are free to explore, develop and committed to delivering service excellence.”


Because Julie is passionate about growing the business, and because she cares about all her team members and her clients, she has the confidence, courage and willingness to face up to difficult issues.   She’s definitely choosing to take the business to the next level with a strategy to recruit a number of civil and structural engineers over the next few months.


So, if you want to know more about Julie, how she’s building her team of high potential leaders, generating great new ideas and finding better ways to service clients, you will  be well served to join us at our November meeting.


For further details please go to Eventbrite.  We’d recommend you book early as we have limited capacity and places tend to go quickly.