Even the strongest and most constructive of us fears change. 

I once had a boss who would often remind me and my colleagues that  “The future is rapidly approaching, so be very careful how you handle it”.  If I’m honest, his statement didn’t do anything for my confidence.  Obviously, his comment was about change and what it might bring negatively into our lives.  But why can the fear of change or the fear of failure be a good thing?

Well first, let’s remind ourselves that we almost fear success as much as we fear failure.  Because essentially what we are all afraid of  is change.

Change is generally viewed as a destabilising force, that might lead to the end of everything good that we know, have or hold dear.  As dramatic as it might sound many people view change as being only a couple of steps up the road from death!


Imagine this:

You are sitting on an aeroplane ready to fly across the Pacific Ocean. Your pilot asks for two volunteers to get off the plane to make room for a couple of diplomats; anyone that volunteers will be paid £1,300 and will fly one hour later on another plane. Would you volunteer or would you think that by so doing you would be tempting the gods and you are going to get what’s coming to you?

And your answer would be……?

However, change and the feeling of fear that it often brings leads to tension within us; if we try to make it go away we will either fail, because we can’t fight it, or we just stop doing what we are doing to make fear go away.

So in the future when change presents itself use the fear and tension within you to your advantage.



By recognising that the fear we are feeling is telling us that we are on the right track , we are probably doing something positive and we are doing the right thing. Positive actions lead to positive changes. So, when fear shows up, we don’t need to be afraid, we just need to embrace it and use it to our advantage.


So, what’s the big take way here?

Well change in all its manifestations is the new normal. We can never go back to how things were or used to be. Change is inevitable, so you either shrink away from it or embrace it.

I think you would be even happier if you caused change; after all that’s innovation in action; isn’t it?