I started working with a new coaching client recently; his name is David.  He’s not a typical client; he’s not a business owner, an architect, project manager, planning consultant or construction manager. In fact, he has a strong track record in consistently over-achieving and developing growing pipeline and revenues in the IT space.  Basically, he sells technology-based programs and systems into the construction industry.

He’s been very successful in the past, has tripled regional sales revenues and doubled the number of clients for his company.  However, things have changed; not all is well.  Hence the need for him to seek out someone who can help him put things into perspective.  Apparently, his problem is around the changing nature of decision-making within prospect companies.

Whilst we were exploring the matter, the following issues came into our conversation repeatedly:

  • Customer service and support.
  • Finance.
  • Human resources.
  • Information technology.
  • Legal and compliance.
  • Safety and security.
  • Marketing, communication and sales.
  • Research and development.
  • Delivery.
  • After sales care.
  • Supply chain.
  • Corporate strategy.

Furthermore, all these issues, that should be at work within most construction related businesses, are increasingly making David’s life much more difficult.  His construction-based clients have told him that the top reason his company and its marketing campaigns have not inspired them to consider a new product, system or solution was the marketing messages being used. They simply are no longer relevant i.e. they aren’t relevant to their real ‘business issues and outcomes’.  This means he no longer needs to sell features and benefits, now he needs to focus on Business Outcomes, which he has never been trained to understand, handle or present..

So, his boss asked him to work with me to establish what outcomes are important to business owners and leaders in the construction industry.  We have only had one coaching session to date, but have agreed that the following are key issues for us to jointly address as our discussions unfold.

We should never assume that:

  • people we are dealing with in the client company at the beginning of the process will be leading the process at some later date and therefore we need to be constantly aware of the changing dynamics within the client business.
  • the approvers and order givers will remain the same.
  • certain requirements will remain the same throughout the project or opportunity.
  • the timeframe will remain the same or is accurate; it may change even the client doesn’t know at the beginning of the project what the most accurate timeframe will be.
  • buyers really know how long it’s going to take to implement a project and see the benefits of it; often it takes 90% longer than clients anticipate.


And we should always remember:

  • building consensus is time-consuming.
  • the number of communications to obtain a sale is also time-consuming.
  • there are some other factors going on all the time in the background that we may be unaware of.
  • there are multiple approvals that need to be sought.
  • cost and risk consistently come up as key objections.


What is the take away message her?

Well here is a highly qualified and experienced sales professional having to wrestle with new sets and levels of complexity. It’s called CHANGE!  We are all facing increasing complexity, so we need to keep ahead of the game!  How?, I hear you ask.

Well if you only focus on the six critical drivers in your business and do something positive about them you might achieve something amazing.  You could focus on:


  1. Business Strategy: How to plan in order to win.
  2. Change Management: How to get your team to embrace improvement, innovation and change.
  3. Achieving More for Less: Mapping and improving scalable processes.
  4. Leadership: Inspiring your team to deliver high growth success.
  5. High Growth Teams: Getting your people to deliver your high growth plan.
  6. Effective Sales and Marketing: How to find win and grow profitable customers.


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