Some of the most common business growth and developmental comments I hear from business owners and team leaders associated with the construction industry finish up in one of the following three categories:

    Their marketing message falls on deaf ears and so they struggle to attract the attention of their ideal clients. 
    They believe they have superior services or products; but their prospects, and some current clients, treat them like they supply merely a commodity. 
    They have marketing and sales cycles that seem to go on forever and then end up with a ‘NO thanks’ decision.

In relation to the above, I’ve been fortunate to have been invited to help many business owners and companies to discover how to:

  • Stand out from their strongest competitors.
  • Attract and secure clients who appreciate the value they deliver.
  • Have systems and processes that deliver remarkable results.

Not surprisingly, it’s all based on CLC’s suite of business growth training programmes and its business growth coaching.

The team at CLC continue to host the very successful:

  • ‘BizBoard’ programme designed to help business owners to build and develop their businesses so they can eventually sell on their businesses in order to become business investors or retire in comfort; and
  • ‘Rising Stars’ programme designed to help team leaders become better leaders and to equip them eventually to become business owners.

If you, or any of your team members, need to access our proven, growth orientated and cost-effective business growth programmes, then let us know in order to discover more.  Get in touch with Terry: or call 07736 417 464.

We’ve been getting requests for our programmes to be held in cities outside of Nottinghamshire, so if you want to attend one of our programmes in your area, let us know and we’ll see if we can pull together several companies to share the investment.