If you hate selling, but it’s part of your role you obviously have a big problem!

In my experience, most construction industry professionals that occupy a client facing role often get freaked out by the ‘selling’ process.  Most hate it with a passion.  Or at best, they tend to tolerate it as a necessary aspect or evil of their role within their business.  Sound familiar?


What an uncomfortable place to be in during a large part of your professional, business ownership or entrepreneurial life.  So, here are the questions:

  • do you like it?
  • are you comfortable doing it? OR
  • do you need to change your mindset?
From my experience, here’s the reality

If you feel like this, ask yourself how do you think your clients, buyer or customers  feel?  It may be that they feel not particularly good, impressed or confident in your ability to deliver.  Not the greatest of odds of a successful outcome, I can imagine!

And because you hate to ‘sell’ your company, services or products there are probably several significant mistakes you are frequently inclined to make.

So, if you will take my advice, honestly, you should just stop trying to sell folk!  Seriously… QUIT SELLING!  Save yourself the pain, agony and frustration of it all.  Why do something you hate to do?

But how will your business survive?

I hear you say, if you don’t try to sell your company, services or products? It won’t!  But it could THRIVE.  How?  By changing the paradigm.

So how do you do that?  You start to associate with new people who know better, have different ideas and know how to help clients get what they want and need.  And how do you do that I also hear?  Well, to start with, I would encourage you to come to some of CLC’s networking events.

Then come to one or more of our workshops (possibly the one we do on ‘F.A.S.T Selling’) business growth and development programmes or become a private coaching client.