From a business development perspective, the greatest challenge in most construction related organisations is not that they don’t have enough opportunities; it’s that that they don’t have the systems or ability to identify who their real prospects are and, as a consequence, they don’t enough time to spend helping them!

More effective ways

So, how do we find effective ways in order to spend more time with the people who really need us to help them solve their problems, and the problems of their clients?  Not an easy question to address I can assure you.  But there are ways.

Let’s remember, in this digital age, we ‘the supplier’ are spending increasingly less face time with our prospective clients.  Most ‘buyers’ spend a lot of time researching who can provide solutions ever before they feel the need to speak to a person from a potential supplier organisation. So, in the first instance we all need to be increasingly internet savvy.

We need to attract potential clients to us via the web more effectively.  One way is to use online demonstrations; particularly those with video content and those having some form of search facility.  So, at the top of every business’s marketing/sales funnel are potential business or project leads, most of which are highly unqualified.

We need to work with technology to educate our prospects, so they can continue to develop an interest into what we are selling.  OR we need to provide sufficient information that helps them make a decision at a particular point in time, because they are not yet at the stage of being a serious buyer.

Let’s not forget that  buying teams have possibly become more commercially astute over the years.  So, more questions need to be addressed with specific answers as to how your business can provide solutions to client real challenges.

We all need, as sellers, to show potential buyers how our product or service solves client problems, i.e.:
– what problem(s) do we solve?
– why do our prospective clients need our solutions?
– what’s the likely outcome or result for them?

We need to find out what’s most important to our prospective clients, then  focus on just that by providing relevant information. Not surprisingly, buyers want to access relevant information on their terms, in their way and decide how they want to receive it.  So, knowing is half the battle.

If you use a web based system to demonstrate your products or services one of the benefits is that, under certain circumstances, the system records activity so you can go back to a client knowing that he or she  has visited the demonstration part of your site; that he or she has asked the five most important issues in their mind; and who else on the team has visited your site.  Your software is tracking activity all the time, so that you know exactly what prospects are looking at and looking for.

Also 60% of buyers say they want to see more videos content because video is becoming crucially important.  In fact, ‘Work Stream’ recently reported that the ability to retain information is nine times greater with video.

So, how does web-based demonstration/information supply from suppliers change the role of the business owner, business development manager or salesperson going forward?

The use of relevant, web based, free information means the ‘salesperson’ can engage with prospective clients quicker and in a more surgically precise way.  The salesperson’s follow-up call is now more specific because they know, to a degree, what the prospects challenges and problems are.

In summary, you need to ensure that you are supplying the information your prospect wants and how your solutions are relevant to the prospective client.

Your information needs to be available 24/7, in a form that meets the prospective client’s needs.  So, think more intelligently about how you can provide relevant content targeted specifically to your clients’ needs.