Julie Brough
Managing DirectorABA Consulting

“I have been trying to battle a way to improve my company for the last 3 years.

This programme has been huge for me. I found the missing ingredients to a successful business career, and lifestyle and now have possibilities I had never dreamed of before.

 This programme has helped me see the way forward by asking a simple question that will alter the course of my business life forever. Now a successful business no longer seems ‘pie in the sky’. It’s a real possibility dependent on the strategy and energy I put into it.

My passion and energy are massive but the tools and encouragement I have been given are every bit as important and I know of no better place to get them” 


David Rayworth
Director, TAD Architects

“Going into the Mastermind process we were struggling to address both the short term for new work alongside the long term growth and direction of the business. Terry’s guidance and the Mastermind course gave us the time and space to consider the long term direction and growth of the business, whilst also providing us with some tools to use in the short term to increase our immediate work load.

As a result of the course and Terry’s guidance we have been able to create a new vision for the business, define our core values and create a strategy for the development of the business in the next 3-5 years. We have been implementing the marketing plan that we were able to develop as a result of the course and have seen improvements in the number of opportunities we are getting, alongside an increase in the quality and suitability of those opportunities for our business.

On a personal level the Mastermind course has given me confidence to take some difficult decisions and it gave me the mental space within the hectic working week to consider the long term direction of the business and what we need to do to achieve this.” 



Mark Boardman
Managing Director, BEM Services Ltd

“Great value, felt very inspired to take action.

Gave me plenty to think about and do. “

Ashley Cooper
Managing Partner, Edward Cooper Young

“Prior to joining the CLC Mastermind programme I wasn’t sure whether or not it would help me to address and resolve my key business challenges.  Thankfully it did in a number of ways that I probably couldn’t have achieved on my own.

One of my major challenges was around ‘how do I get off the tools’ and onto leading and managing the business effectively.   We worked on setting our strategic goals, which helped me to not only focus on what I wanted, but how I was going to achieve it, and what needed to be in place to support the vision.  As a result, a strategic plan was produced, we introduced new systems and processes into the business to make us more efficient, and we re-organised our team and recruited new people.

I have actively engaged the team in the strategic plan and they now have a better understanding of the business as well as clarity over their roles and responsibilities.  We have introduced a structured approach to monitor and guide the team’s performance and development, so that we can make timely interventions, which has proven to be a winning formula! 

The programme is a big commitment, but well worth it.  I’d advise anyone considering this programme to attend each session, work on applying what they have learnt immediately to their business, be prepared to change and take their team along on the journey. 

I would highly recommend this programme to others who want to take their business to the next level.  As a result of completing this programme, I am also developing members of my team who are now on the Rising Stars programme.”

bsplogoJef Todd
Business Development Director

“I really enjoyed the programme and had the opportunity to work with some great people from other disciplines within the construction world.  The programme content was extremely relevant.  Personally, I really enjoyed the ‘hot seats’ where I was able to focus on and share current challenges with others in the room, some of whom had experienced something similar, and who would give me the benefit of their advice and guidance in helping to arrive at a solution.  I now think more strategically about the business and my role within it.” 

Donna Johnson

“I was very sceptical about coming on the programme at first, however, I soon found it to be very informative and helpful.

One key benefit for me personally was that it helped me to gain perspectives from more experienced individuals with more established businesses on some of the issues we were facing as a business.  I feel far more confident about what we are doing as a business and my role within it and my own confidence levels of soared!  As a small business owner, this programme has delivered a number of really relevant models, which we have applied and I am sure this will put us in a much stronger position in the future.

Having completed the programme, I now look forward to meeting up quarterly with the rest of my cohort so that we can keep the momentum going and build on what’s already been achieved.”