It’s possible that you haven’t figured out yet how to optimise all of your business opportunities or overcome your challenges because you’re unable to focus on the strategic decisions that need to be made due to being too much in the detail.  Having a set of tools, strategies and processes that can help you to think more clearly; become more effective and efficient in what you do; which follow a fully thought-through plan could help you to start fine-tuning your thoughts and your business.

Each Mastermind meeting will focus on a core topic and you will be encouraged to share your experiences, challenges and best practices around the topic with your peers. Each Mastermind programme will normally consist of  8 to 10 individuals, which means you will have plenty of opportunity to build relationships with your peer network as well as enjoy dedicated time with the CLC team.   You will soon find out that we are very “hands-on”!

During the workshops you will be encouraged to apply concepts, tactics and frameworks immediately to your own business; make action points you want to focus on in between workshops; and be asked to commit to defining and executing strategic priorities for your business to which you will be held to account.

We understand that time is precious and to take time out of your day is a big commitment; therefore the bi-month full-day workshops will:

* help you to clearly define your strategic objectives and put these into action;

* give you tools, techniques and frameworks across a number of business areas (strategy, marketing, operations etc.), which you can immediately apply to your business;

* involve you working with a small group of ambitious, open-minded and energetic fellow entrepreneurs in order to share experiences, best practice and network;

* increase your knowledge, awareness and confidence in managing and leading your business and teams; and

* Provide you with a peer group who will support you with and help to hold you to account.


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