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Our CLC Mastermind is designed to help small and medium sized business owners, entrepreneurs and senior decision makers in or related to the construction industry sustain and increase business growth; create winning teams; grow turnover and sales; and expand profits to make your business life easier.

As you know, making progress in any small and medium sized business in the construction industry isn’t easy.  It’s well known that most business owners and senior decision makers have the entrepreneurial flare to start a business, but once the business begins to grow a different skill-set may be needed in order to set you free from ‘doing’ the business to successfully leading and managing the business.


CLC Mastermind is a programme designed for business owners and senior decision makers who have the opportunity to set or re-set the direction for a brighter future.  The monthly programme brings together a group of like-minded committed individuals who want to achieve sustainable growth and want to develop themselves both professionally and personally in order to drive their business forward.  Read more…


The CLC Mastermind covers a wide range of subjects to help you not only grow your business, but develop personally and professionally.  The focus of the Mastermind is business growth, which includes applying a number of strategic business tools and frameworks.  You will also be learning about your own personal leadership and management styles and creative thinking techniques.  Read more…

Location and Venue

We believe that working in a great location and environment helps the learning and development process.    We normally deliver our programmes at the Risley Hall Hotel, just off Junction 25 of the M1, which has great communication links to the M1 and other major A roads.  The hotel itself is exceptional and we aim to create a highly engaging and intimate experience, that’s why the programme is limited to 12 people per cohort.  Read more …

Your Investment

We understand that taking time out of the business is a big commitment and price is probably an issue too.  We also understand that for any business, large or small, you want to see a return on your investment.   But think about the cost to you and your business, if you’re not growing and developing adequately.  Hear from one of our previous participants about their thoughts on the programme and the investment.

Keith Rodgers image videoThink about it for a moment …

Read more about your investment options.

What Our Clients Say

We know it’s difficult to make a decision when you’re not sure of our experience or our track-record, so please take the opportunity to read more about us and hear from some of the individuals who have been on our programme.  Read more…

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