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The 7 most dangerous trends small business owners’ face

What are the 7 most dangerous trends that small business owners face that keep them from success, reward and the opportunity to retire at a time of their choosing?  Why are they crucially important?  And what should you be doing about them?  Great questions! […]

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How can you become a ‘go to’ company for your products and services?

I have spent many years contemplating how you become a ‘go to company for your products and services, BUT after regular interaction with clients and intent listening, I have arrived at a better understanding of how to do this via […]

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Why does mindset matter to you? Have you ever been to a business function where someone has kindly provided refreshments?  Fresh sandwiches, a variety of your favourite nibbles, glorious desserts and even a free bar! Did you try to ignore […]

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THINK to win and succeed

Ever since Napoleon Hill wrote his groundbreaking book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ in 1930, (that’s a long time ago!) successful people have been using Mastermind groups to up-level their accomplishments and create opportunities for themselves and for others as well. […]

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Start with the end in mind

Why is ‘starting with the end in mind’ important for you to know?   If you started your small construction related business recently or just a few short years ago, you have probably been on an exciting and somewhat challenging […]

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The best business advice I’ve ever received …

What I’m going to tell you sounded simple at first, but once received and implemented it proved to be massively significant.  What is it?  Setting GOALS.  But not just setting any old form of goal, not even ‘SMART’ goals but […]

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Linking marketing effort to financial success

The ‘holy grail’ for many small business owners/leaders associated with the construction industry over the years has been to forge a clear and successful relationship between marketing and finance. There is often a suspicion about the effectiveness of marketing and […]

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Every business has to keep generating work to survive, even if you want to stay more or less the same size. Work generation is one of those subjects that scares some and excites others (the buzz of winning new orders!).  […]

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Building a great team to deliver your high growth plan

Recruiting the right people and creating a high performing team to deliver your high growth plan is one of those things that many small business owners may find difficult to achieve.  Let’s face it, finding the right people is a […]

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Leadership: 3 essential elements to drive small business growth

It’s our opinion that there are three essential elements to leadership that every business needs to help drive its growth.  But what is leadership?  If you Google the word ‘leadership’ you’ll receive about 818,000,000 results. Maybe you want to read […]

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