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Running a small business can be very frustrating & demanding – especially if you’re only human!

We hope the following will help you find some small yet valuable ways to improve the future of business growth and development work, help you win more clients, and increase employee engagement. Running a business can be frustrating and challenging […]

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This will help you …

At one of our networking events recently, one of the early arrivals asked me: “Terry do you know any good architects?”.  Shortly after, a second person asked me, “Do you know any good civil engineers that might be looking for a job change?”.  Minutes […]

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Do you have good team members – if so give them a chance to excel!

I’ve had a few conversations recently with several of our ‘Mastermind’ members about how they can successfully manage company growth.  As companies grow, new challenges are encountered, and their people and resources get stretched.  When firms are busy everyone has more […]

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What’s your Competitive Advantage

… at a time when UBER, who doesn’t own any vehicles, can get you from A to B, anywhere in the world? I was recently invited to facilitate an in-house workshop for a very successful company that specialised in providing […]

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Recently, one of my longest standing private coaching clients called me to start one of our regular coaching calls.  I have found over my many years of coaching that there is one key issue to be addressed and resolved during each […]

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I recently asked a close friend, who also happens to be one of my business coaching clients, “What do you think about content marketing?”  “What’s that” he said.  Which surprised me, but then, not too much.  Because I believe that if I […]

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Retreat and Re-think

So, everything is going to plan for our business growth retreat in sunny Spain.  Our venue is looking magnificent and our programme of events is fully organised, both business and pleasure.   We have been asked some very interesting questions […]

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How to equip business leaders to achieve their project-critical priorities

I started working with a new coaching client recently; his name is David.  He’s not a typical client; he’s not a business owner, an architect, project manager, planning consultant or construction manager. In fact, he has a strong track record in […]

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Everybody needs a coach

Says Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google.   Did you know that the definition of a Coach is: someone whose job it is to help someone improve or excel at something? Almost every successful person in politics, entertainment, sport and business, has […]

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Do you have a plan for your company for 2019?

The team here at CLC hope you, your family and your team enjoy the festive season.  As we move into 2019, we hope we can connect with you in-person at one of our forthcoming networking events in the East Midlands. Or, […]

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