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The Best Way to Achieve Business Growth

Why working long hours isn’t the answer to achieving sustainable business growth? Everyone is working really hard these days to achieve business growth!!  Many business owners and leaders probably work a minimum of 60 hours a week, and that’s only in […]

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Is it really your job to do ALL the selling?


James (not his real name), a long-standing client and now friend, started his structural engineering practice nine years ago.  He and his small team have grown the business fairly consistently with James doing ALL of the selling. Recently, and whilst James […]

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The best way to start a sales conversation

Following a recent workshop on Consultative Selling an attendee asked “what is the best way to start a sales conversation?”  Great question I said!  Without hesitation and almost at the speed of light I said “Scorecards”. On reflection I’m not sure it […]

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7 Key foundations to deliver future success

Few business owners know how to build a best in class small business.  Especially those that have to wrestle with the vagaries of the construction industry!  In our experience, most of those that do know how to are either a) exceptionally […]

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Six tips to make your small business more effective this summer

The summer break is just around the corner and what a perfect time to take action and positively shape and organise the way you want to work from summer onward.  Check out our six tips that can help you to […]

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Proven hands-on Support to Grow Your Construction Related Business

Some of the most successful small business owners we have helped to date to grow their businesses would probably say “To be successful you need at least one proven system that brings a steady and predictable stream of clients to you, […]

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How to get clients to say ‘YES’ to you more often

In 1987, Neil Rackham wrote a book based on discussions he had with over 35,000 salespeople, it’s called ‘SPIN Selling’.  Neil’s book has become required reading for anyone who wants to sell more of their services or products. Yes there are […]

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The single, greatest and most profound business growth secret that I ever learnt

Back in 2003 I learnt the greatest single business growth secret!  Now that is a big statement; and so it’s worth a few minutes to find out what it is. I learnt it from Jay Abraham who is an internationally renowned […]

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SuDS – What is it and why is it important?

Last week, Lee Barnes, Managing Director of Inspire Design and Development, spoke to CLC’s audience about sustainable drainage systems (SuDs) and how surface water management can be integrated into the landscaping of a site and the positives of doing so. […]

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Is your sales funnel working for you?

Ask any experienced business development, marketing or sales professional associated with the construction industry and they’ll tell you it’s far more expensive to find, convert and secure a new client than it is to increase the lifetime value of an […]

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