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Steve Jobs’ Top 3 Presentation Tips

I do a lot of presentations and workshops in my line of work. But, because I’m professional and a bit of a perfectionist, I am constantly searching for better and more effective ways to engage with delegates. As a consequence, […]

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Some words are more powerful than others

  I have a client that always says “You’re not allowed to say NO to me. Furthermore, she won’t allow any of her staff to say NO.  Not to anyone! What she expects from her team are questions that clarify; […]

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The importance of innovation

Question: My boss has started to talk about the importance of innovation and he’s called a meeting of managers to start discussing its relevance to our firm. Can you give me a bit of an insight into it please?   […]

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Question: Why should I be bothered to join a networking club? Answer:   Perhaps you may be wondering what goes on at a typical CLC networking event.  Let me explain. Despite the term “Networking,” all the members are just normal […]

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Do you keep a journal?

Question: I was speaking to a chap last week who kept a journal. He said it helped him to think about, focus on and record his thoughts on key issues of the day.  Is this a regular thing with your […]

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How can I grow my business?

Question: I own and run a small architectural practice. My local competitors seem to be everywhere and appear to be doing a lot better than our firm. I have heard you run a training programme designed to help people like […]

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Discover what you’re missing

So how do you feel about your security over the next one to three years? Well, real security depends on your ability to get orders, deliver excellent service and to get paid for every ounce of service and value you […]

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Why do you need a business vision?

Question:  I’ve not long been in a management position and my boss has asked me to help him produce a business plan. He’s given me a number of sections to produce drafts for. My first one is on vision. Can […]

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Two new workshops launched

CLC is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Building in launching two workshops designed for those working in or associated with the construction industry. The two half-day workshops have been designed specifically for people occupying management and […]

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Raising Money for Cancer Care

As most of our members of our CLC Networking Events will know, each month a business related book is awarded to one of our attendees for their contribution to the Q&A session of each speaker. Earlier this year, rather than […]

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