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Linking marketing effort to financial success

The ‘holy grail’ for many small business owners/leaders associated with the construction industry over the years has been to forge a clear and successful relationship between marketing and finance. There is often a suspicion about the effectiveness of marketing and […]

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Every business has to keep generating work to survive, even if you want to stay more or less the same size. Work generation is one of those subjects that scares some and excites others (the buzz of winning new orders!).  […]

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Building a great team to deliver your high growth plan

Recruiting the right people and creating a high performing team to deliver your high growth plan is one of those things that many small business owners may find difficult to achieve.  Let’s face it, finding the right people is a […]

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Leadership: 3 essential elements to drive small business growth

It’s our opinion that there are three essential elements to leadership that every business needs to help drive its growth.  But what is leadership?  If you Google the word ‘leadership’ you’ll receive about 818,000,000 results. Maybe you want to read […]

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#8 Find the 20% of your business growth effort that delivers 80% of your sales results

Is it really true that in most cases 20% of our effort i.e. marketing, sales, delivery, operations and customer service etc. it produces 80% of our results?  Yes it is.  Pareto long ago proved mathematically this to be the case. […]

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Some really useful ideas to help small business owners create strategic plans

If you read our last blog, you probably know why it’s important to have a strategic plan!  But how many of us really have an idea of how to create one?  Unless you’ve had some sort of business management training, […]

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#7 Attract new, better and repeat business clients

How to attract new clients should be easy for us all.   Why? Because we are all doing it all of the time!   Attracting new clients seems to be the’ Holy Grail’ in most small businesses.  Yes we need to […]

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3 reasons why it’s important for small businesses to have a plan for the future

At some stage in our lives I’m sure we’ve worked in a business, owned a business, or worked with a business that either doesn’t have a plan or, if it does, the owners of the business haven’t or won’t engage […]

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#6 Extend the lifetime value of your good clients

This initiative is about three things: Really caring about your clients; Finding out what results they are looking for; and Providing great products and services to help them get those results. By focusing on your clients’ needs and satisfying them […]

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