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Are your business processes and procedures in good order?

During a recent CLC’s networking event Matthew Rogers of Octopus Project Solutions delivered a presentation on the subject of ‘Business Processes and Procedures’.  Matthew made it clear that the understanding of an outcome is imperative in the development of every process. […]

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Are you a leader that can be trusted?

According to a recent Harvard Business Review survey, we live in a world where trust is at an all-time-low.  In fact, 58% of respondents admitted to trusting strangers more than their own boss.  How sad, disappointing and unhelpful is that? Furthermore, […]

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Are you stuck?

If you are, what does it take to get you unstuck? Most of the business owners and senior business leaders we have worked with over the past ten years, on an executive development basis, were ‘STUCK’ at some point!  They may […]

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What happens when a prospective or existing client goes silent on you?

When clients go silent, it often feels like they have disappeared.  So why does this sort of thing happen when you are taking your clients’ interests seriously, when they don’t seem to be? What, if anything, can you do to stop […]

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Do you share these challenges?

Some of the most common business growth and developmental comments I hear from business owners and team leaders associated with the construction industry finish up in one of the following three categories: MARKETING MESSAGE FAILS Their marketing message falls on […]

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Do you hate selling?

If you hate selling, but it’s part of your role you obviously have a big problem! In my experience, most construction industry professionals that occupy a client facing role often get freaked out by the ‘selling’ process.  Most hate it […]

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Do you know the answers to all those business questions?

In a recent workshop I was asked “How do I get all the important questions in one place?”  I replied, “i’m glad you asked that question”.  No, I really was.  Because I had recently done a workshop about that very subject as it relates […]

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Do you demonstrate your solutions effectively?

From a business development perspective, the greatest challenge in most construction related organisations is not that they don’t have enough opportunities; it’s that that they don’t have the systems or ability to identify who their real prospects are and, as […]

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Ever received a testimonial that brought you to tears?

I learnt a long time ago that a powerful testimonial from a satisfied client can add an amazing amount of credibility to a business, remove objections and speed up the sales process.  In certain circumstances, they can also boost persuasiveness and […]

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Are you paying enough attention to and measure what is important?

My wife bought a ‘Fitbit’ a couple of years ago.  For those of you who don’t know what a Fitbit is, it’s a little wristband you wear that measures activity – how much sleep, exercise, steps you take per day, […]

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