How much does it cost?
CLC BizRetreat is currently priced at £649, which includes a DISC diagnostic, the cost of which is £50.  Future programmes will be priced at a higher rate, so it’s worth taking advantage now.

Can I pay in instalments?
No.  The price of £599 will be paid at the time of booking.  You will be sent a link to the DISC diagnostic once you have booked, which will cost £50 to complete.

Can I cancel at any time?
You can cancel, but cancellation costs will be applied.  These are:

  • Up to 8 weeks’ prior to the retreat – 25% of the price;
  • Up to 6 weeks’ prior to the retreat 50% of the price;
  • Up to 4 weeks’ prior to the retreat 75%;
  • 100% of the price for cancellations from 4 weeks to the event.

Can I get a refund?
Yes, but only if you have attended every themed workshop, fully participated in the programme, completed the work that has been asked of you, handed back all the course materials given to you and you genuinely feel you have not received any value.

Do I need to own my own business?
Yes, but if you are a senior decision-maker and your employer wants you to participate, you are more than welcome; OR if you have an idea for a business or at an early stage within your business we can help you to get things off the ground.

Are the retreats workshops being facilitated by Terry O’Mahony in person?
Yes, Terry leads all workshop and shares all his concepts, strategies and tactics for creating the business of your dreams.

Do I need to bring food?
No.  An array of delicious home-cooked food and soft drinks will be provided throughout the programme.

What if I can’t attend… can I postpone?
You can, but it’s possible there will not be an eligible ticket available for you to another retreat for at least the next 6 months. If you can make the date you’ve booked… you should, so please choose carefully!?

Can I bring a colleague, partner or friend in a similar industry?
Yes you can, but only if you think they could benefit from the programme.  This is subject to availability and the appropriate fee is paid in full at the time of booking.

Can I learn this stuff on my own?
Yes, but having the time to research the methodologies and concepts takes time; it has taken us over a decade to create the materials involved.  Trying to do this developmental learning alone is tough and working with experienced facilitators and other business professionals in the room from who you can learn, discuss options and test assumptions is extremely valuable.  Having the opportunity to step out of your business into a wonderful environment, work with experts in the field of business and construction, as well as network and share knowledge with industry peers can be an invaluable experience.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Our full terms and conditions can be found here.