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People won’t invest in business coaching services

Why can I say this with confidence?   Because I hear this a lot.  Over the many years I have been coaching business owners and their team leaders I have made assumptions about the intentions and spending power of my prospective clients.  I […]

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WELL Building Standard

  At the next Construction Leaders Club Networking meeting on 13 December we will be joined by Mark Boardman, Managing Director of BEM Services who will be presenting on the WELL Building Standard.   What is the WELL Building Standard? […]

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Be a VIP for the day

A fellow business coach recently reminded me that “We become the average of the 5 people we spend most of your time with”.  So, it’s logical to ask yourself: “If I was to spend some quality time with 5 fast moving, dedicated […]

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2019 Sponsorship Opportunities Now Available

There are a number of annual and event sponsorship packages available for 2019.   If you’d like to be part of an integral, dynamic and growing force within the construction industry and share information about your skills and expertise within the room of […]

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“Growing a business is all about people: people first, strategy second!”

For those of you who will be lucky enough to be present at the next Construction Leaders Club networking event in November, you are in for a real treat.  Miss it at your peril!   You’ll hear from one of CLC […]

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What’s Your Value Proposition?

What do you mean you don’t know!  You need to. Why? So, you can: Gain favour with all your prospective clients. Fight off all those nasty competitors. Give your team a line of sight and a clear understanding of the […]

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The best way to start a sales conversation

Following a recent workshop on Consultative Selling an attendee asked “what is the best way to start a sales conversation?”  Great question I said!  Without hesitation and almost at the speed of light I said “Scorecards”. On reflection I’m not sure it […]

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The single, greatest and most profound business growth secret that I ever learnt

Back in 2003 I learnt the greatest single business growth secret!  Now that is a big statement; and so it’s worth a few minutes to find out what it is. I learnt it from Jay Abraham who is an internationally renowned […]

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How can you become a ‘go to’ company for your products and services?

I have spent many years contemplating how you become a ‘go to company for your products and services, BUT after regular interaction with clients and intent listening, I have arrived at a better understanding of how to do this via […]

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Why does mindset matter to you? Have you ever been to a business function where someone has kindly provided refreshments?  Fresh sandwiches, a variety of your favourite nibbles, glorious desserts and even a free bar! Did you try to ignore […]

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