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The importance of innovation

Question: My boss has started to talk about the importance of innovation and he’s called a meeting of managers to start discussing its relevance to our firm. Can you give me a bit of an insight into it please?   […]

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Question: Why should I be bothered to join a networking club? Answer:   Perhaps you may be wondering what goes on at a typical CLC networking event.  Let me explain. Despite the term “Networking,” all the members are just normal […]

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Do you keep a journal?

Question: I was speaking to a chap last week who kept a journal. He said it helped him to think about, focus on and record his thoughts on key issues of the day.  Is this a regular thing with your […]

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How can I grow my business?

Question: I own and run a small architectural practice. My local competitors seem to be everywhere and appear to be doing a lot better than our firm. I have heard you run a training programme designed to help people like […]

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Why do you need a business vision?

Question:  I’ve not long been in a management position and my boss has asked me to help him produce a business plan. He’s given me a number of sections to produce drafts for. My first one is on vision. Can […]

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