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Increasing turnover?

“How can we quickly increase our turnover”? I was asked a very interesting question the other day by one of my surveying clients.  Apparently, she and her team, had been struggling, ever since they lost one of their biggest clients. I […]

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Telephone calls to prospective clients are just as important as they’ve always been

So, I was invited to attend an internal workshop recently, and I was amazed at the discussions that were taking place.  Julian, my long-standing coaching client, had arranged an internal workshop for three of his newest employees.  Julian, and his wife Nancy, […]

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Who makes the decisions?

Or, if we are trying to be more slightly more subtle, we ask:  ‘who is the decision-maker?’  This often is a really dumb question to ask.   Why? Because it rarely gets an honest answer!  By asking a prospective client:  “Are you […]

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Sales – what will happen if you don’t get them?

Sales target

Not many successful sales professionals admit they have never heard of the term  ‘Business Case’, or for that matter what it is and what purpose the business case serves!  But, Jim, one of my long standing private coaching clients, admitted to […]

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Recently, one of my longest standing private coaching clients called me to start one of our regular coaching calls.  I have found over my many years of coaching that there is one key issue to be addressed and resolved during each […]

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People won’t invest in business coaching services

Why can I say this with confidence?   Because I hear this a lot.  Over the many years I have been coaching business owners and their team leaders I have made assumptions about the intentions and spending power of my prospective clients.  I […]

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Can I rely on you?

I don’t like to sell. Why? Because it’s beneath me and I don’t want to be rejected. Let’s face it, everyone wants to WIN, no one likes to LOSE.  We all like to hear YES, but not NO. So why are […]

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Is it really your job to do ALL the selling?


James (not his real name), a long-standing client and now friend, started his structural engineering practice nine years ago.  He and his small team have grown the business fairly consistently with James doing ALL of the selling. Recently, and whilst James […]

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How to get clients to say ‘YES’ to you more often

In 1987, Neil Rackham wrote a book based on discussions he had with over 35,000 salespeople, it’s called ‘SPIN Selling’.  Neil’s book has become required reading for anyone who wants to sell more of their services or products. Yes there are […]

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Is your sales funnel working for you?

Ask any experienced business development, marketing or sales professional associated with the construction industry and they’ll tell you it’s far more expensive to find, convert and secure a new client than it is to increase the lifetime value of an […]

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