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#7 Attract new, better and repeat business clients

How to attract new clients should be easy for us all.   Why? Because we are all doing it all of the time!   Attracting new clients seems to be the’ Holy Grail’ in most small businesses.  Yes we need to […]

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#6 Extend the lifetime value of your good clients

This initiative is about three things: Really caring about your clients; Finding out what results they are looking for; and Providing great products and services to help them get those results. By focusing on your clients’ needs and satisfying them […]

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#5 Increase the frequency of orders you receive from your good clients

Many of our clients who own small businesses don’t seem to appreciate the value of their ‘Client Database’. All too frequently they focus their attention on marketing and sales to get more clients.  This is not the quickest, easiest or […]

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#4 Increase the size or value of your average order

The answer most people would come up with is to put prices up.  But that’s easier to say than do. Not many small business owners are particularly confident or brave when it comes to increasing prices, especially if they are […]

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#3 Retain your best clients

As we all know this is easier said than done.  But seriously, how many small business owners do you know that really value their clients?  I mean really value them.  If I had to guess and, using the Pareto principle, I […]

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#2 How to get rid of difficult / loss-making clients

This series of ‘Tips’ or ‘Primary Ways’ to grow your business will help you to focus on what really needs to be done and how to go about getting them implemented. Who needs clients that take up endless amounts of […]

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#1 Reduce your operational costs to an appropriate level

Some time ago, one of my private business coaching clients told me that there were only two ways to grow a small business: Increase sales Reduce costs Another of my clients told me there were actually three ways to grow […]

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