Deliver to your Potential

We have a range of options to help you maximise the growth potential of your business including our:

  • Mastermind Programmes are aimed at business owners and senior decision makers within small to medium sized business who want to gain insights, knowledge and know-how into how they take their business to the next level and keep achieving consistent growth.
  • Rising Stars Programmes are aimed at high potential team members who you want to develop for their next step within the business, or specific teams within your organisation that you would benefit from receiving specific training and development.
  • Bizboard is aimed at Business Owners and Senior Decision Makers. Run similar to a traditional ‘Board Meeting’ so that CLC BizBoard Members can take time out of their business to discuss their current business challenges and ways forward; benefit from the experience of others; gain new perspectives and share ideas; whilst at the same time taking new knowledge and information back into their business.


Our Masterclass Workshops below are designed to support business owners, senior managers and rising stars to gain a significant insight into what it takes to drive your construction related businesses forward.


We will be shortly launching a series of one-day ‘Masterclasses’ designed to assist businesses to gain all the necessary information, knowledge and build individuals’ confidence to achieve one single goal: the growth, development and positioning of your business.  Should any of the following workshops be of interest to you, please register your interest here:

how to inspire your team to deliver effective and continuous high growth success

Business Strategy: to help you focus, develop and plan your way forward effectively

Effective marketing and sales: how to optimise existing clients, and how to win and grow profitable new ones

Organisational structures: to frame all your systems, processes and resources effectively

Commercial Risk: how to avoid or mitigate it

Team building: to deliver the results you want