Would your business life be easier if you were a member of an independent and confidential forum that gives you the opportunity to sense-check your ideas and talk frankly about business issues?  If yes, CLC BizBoard is for you.

This high level, intensive and ongoing programme is delivered to a small group of business owners associated with the construction industry.  Like a traditional ‘Board Meeting’ so that CLC BizBoard Members can take time out of their business to discuss their current business challenges and ways forward; benefit from the experience of others; gain new perspectives and share ideas; whilst at the same time taking new knowledge and information back into their business.

Why do small business owners associated with the construction industry need a strategy, business plan, reliable systems and business coaching?

Because being the owner of a business, an entrepreneur or a senior decision maker can be lonely; even when you’re surrounded by colleagues, business contacts and family members.

During CLC BizBoard you can turn to their fellow professionals for new ideas, methodologies, and new ways to think about opportunities; as well as the CLC BizBoard facilitator who is someone who really understands your challenges, the industry and has your interests fully at heart.


Who is this for?

CLC BizBoard is for business owners and senior decision makers that are already successful but who are looking to scale, build and develop their businesses into larger, more profitable and more sustainable companies that are not dependent upon them.  It is for people who are really looking to learn, develop and grow.


Who shouldn’t apply?

Any person or business that isn’t interested in moving the dial; making a difference; and making the necessary commitment financially, intellectually or applying the appropriate time should not apply.


What is the format?

We meet for 3 hours every other month with the first meeting starting in January 2019.  Between meetings each individual will receive 2 x private one-hour coaching calls to go deep into their specific business challenges and opportunities.


Where is it held?

All meetings are held in the conference room of the Nottingham and Derby Best Western Hotel, which is close to junction 25 of the M1 motorway, NG10 4EP


What is your investment?

£235 per month for qualified businesses and owners.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with your experience for any reason; on the assumption you have completed everything you have been asked to do, have handed back all the materials given to you, just let us know and we will refund the full amount.


In Summary

CLC BizBoard in so powerful and successful because it helps business owners to plan and run their businesses like the very best in the country; they don’t have to reinvent the wheel because we have a proven methodology.  But knowledge alone will only take you so far.

To realise your full potential, you must adopt the practices of proven to be successful businesses operating in the same environment, so you need a business coach.  CLC BizBoard will help you to consistently deliver increasingly better results.

Our coaches are industry experts who know how to help you to cross the ‘Knowing –Doing’ gap i.e., knowing what needs to be done rather than just doing stuff.

We will be with you throughout the CLC Bizboard helping you chart to your unique roadmap, inspiring you to overcome all your challenges and obstacles and holding you accountable to achieve all that matters to you.


What people have said after participating

“Great value, felt very inspired to take action.  Gave me plenty to think about and do.”

Mark Boardman
Managing Director, BEM Services Ltd


“I have been trying to battle a way to improve my company for the last 3 years.

CLC BizBoard has been huge for me. I found the missing ingredients to a successful business career, and lifestyle and now have possibilities I had never dreamed of before.

CLC BizBoard has helped me see the way forward by asking a simple question that will alter the course of my business life forever.  Now a successful business no longer seems ‘pie in the sky’. It’s a real possibility dependent on the strategy and energy I put into it.  My passion and energy are massive but the tools and encouragement I have been given are every bit as important and I know of no better place to get them”

Julie Brough
Managing Director, ABA Consulting


For more information please contact:

M: 07736 417 464

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