Following a recent workshop on Consultative Selling an attendee asked “what is the best way to start a sales conversation?”  Great question I said!  Without hesitation and almost at the speed of light I said “Scorecards”.

On reflection I’m not sure it is, but it really is one of the best!


First, when I send a blank scorecard to people ahead of a sales meeting it gives that person a chance to score themselves against a series of relevant issues and questions.  For example they might say, “Okay, I’m at a three on my ability to ask open ended questions’.

Getting individuals to score themselves against the various questions on the scorecard helps them to identify and appreciate that there is a gap is in their abilities. Scorecards also give an insight on who these people are, what they think are their strengths and weaknesses, so when I meet them I can start the conversation effectively.

What I look for when I’m reading scorecard responses is how clear the individual is on, say who they want to attract as a target audience or prospect.

In other words, my prospect is someone who I know needs some specific help; and I know how I can provide an ideal solution.  So now, every time I talk to a prospective client that has filled out one of these scorecards, our conversation is much more productive than what it might otherwise have been.

How so?

Because, I already know how I can help prospects they already know where they need help, and when we are in conversation I don’t have to convince them about anything.  If you take the time to create and use scorecards, we’re sure they will almost certainly do the convincing part for you.  So when you meet your prospects they’re ready, willing and able to work with you.