Why working long hours isn’t the answer to achieving sustainable business growth?

Everyone is working really hard these days to achieve business growth!!  Many business owners and leaders probably work a minimum of 60 hours a week, and that’s only in the office.  Some probably spend even more time working when they get home.  But working long hours isn’t the answer to how best to create business growth.

Working longer and harder only provides limited linear growth i.e. you only have a certain amount of hours and energy available to you at any point in time, and as time goes on your ability to maintain this level of commitment reduces significantly, often leading to stress, anxiety and overwhelm.



So what to do?

If you produce a strategy for your business you will grow your business in a planned and sustainable way.  For example, Keith, one of our past mastermind members who owns an architectural practice, once found himself working long hours until he joined us and found a better way.  After he and his team had produced a strategy for the business.  The strategy gave the whole team the vision, structure and the confidence needed to to grow the business.  The result was that they grew the business by over 300% within 18 months, which included a significant uplift in profitability.

In other words his newly developed strategy focused everyone’s energy and resources on the right things and in the right direction.  The team were totally bought-in.  The team understood their roles and responsibilities in implementing the plan, thus multiplying the firm’s performance, creating maximum results from concentrated effort!

Most businesses owners, senior decision makers and team leaders who join our mastermind style programmes don’t have an effective strategy to follow before they join us!  That’s normally the biggest reason why they have been working long hours and not getting the returns they deserve i.e. they’re usually stuck, working hard, but not receiving the associated benefits!

After many years of helping construction-related businesses to produce strategic plans we have noticed that when they do, great things happen.  When owners have drawn up their clear strategic plans, committed it to paper, and shared it with their team, things improve almost as if by magic!

So to grow a business you must take the time to develop a clear strategic plan for your business if you want to maximise your chances of sustainable growth!  And that’s something we help all our mastermind members do.  We can do the same for your business.  As a start why not read our blog: Some really useful ideas to help small business owners create strategic plans.

All you need to do is join one of our mastermind style programmes.  But you may want to discuss the details with us in private. So just get in touch and we will set up a mutually convenient time to discuss your requirements.