If you are, what does it take to get you unstuck?

Most of the business owners and senior business leaders we have worked with over the past ten years, on an executive development basis, were ‘STUCK’ at some point!  They may have run out of ideas; felt unable to cope with business pressures; or felt they had reached the limit of their abilities to lead, manage or challenge the status quo.  An impending event, a major change of fortune within a business, general uncertainty in markets, or a raft of other issues can lead to an executive or business owner to become ‘STUCK’.

So how do we get unstuck? 

Well from a timing point of view, now the summer break is behind us  and whilst ‘Brexit’ is still creating difficulties for most of us, the final quarter of this year seems to be an ideal time to buckle down and get unstuck.

At this point, you might be asking yourself what this really means and how, if you’re feeling stuck, where can you get some support.

What it doesn’t mean is that everyone is stuck in some form of personal career or business rut, but if you are you need to remove the things in life that are holding you back from moving forward.

Whether you are suffering because of:

  • a big decision you just can’t seem to make, because you don’t know how to;
  • an idea you want to execute but don’t know where to start; or
  • a way of looking at your own situation through a better lens.

These situations can all prevent you from seeing alternative solutions.  To be more specific, if you are feeling stuck ask yourself:

  • What is making me feel stuck right now?
  • Do I know why?
  • Do I know what it takes to resolve the situation?
  • What would it look and feel like if I could ‘unstick’ myself?
  • Do I know someone who can help?
During our ‘Rising Stars’ and ‘BizBoard’ programmes we talk a lot about business uncertainty, change management concepts and techniques, leadership development and a raft of other business growth issues.

Our programmes have throughout the years proven to be very popular for helping business owners and executives to improve their leadership and management skills and to find ways to transform their businesses.

Yes, it’s hard to deal with difficult and complex business situations if you feel your lacking concepts, knowledge and energy to help you move forward as an individual.  Our range of business growth and development programmes are excellent ways to learn and develop practical ways to foster a growth mindset. 

So, if you want to get ‘UNSTUCK’ please get in touch for a free, no obligation discussion. 

Terry@constructionsleadersclub.com OR 07736 417 464