Before you answer this question, do you know how well you performed during 2018?


Maybe you:

  • had some big goals for your business or career;
  • achieved some of your goals in full or in part; and
  • possibly missed others.


If you’re happy with what you have achieved, are pleased with where you are  now and the future, well done and congratulations!


If you’re not happy with your results, what happened?

Maybe you’ve been following the wrong plan; your business model needs updating; and/or your systems and processes are inadequate?  Or perhaps you didn’t have any support around you and felt you were doing everything by yourself?   You may even have been in the position where you didn’t dedicate the necessary time on your business to grow and develop, or didn’t invest sufficiently in yourself and your business!

If some of this resonates, it may be the reason you didn’t achieve the results you were looking for.


Now do you know what’s missing?

Because you have taken the time to read this blog, it means that you’re not the kind of person that gives up and you’re ready to achieve better results in 2019.  You may even be the kind of person who normally pushes boundaries, but have found themselves stuck?

Start 2019 by making a pledge to stop procrastinating and wasting your valuable time, energy and resources.  It’s time to step-up and do something really productive and also beneficial, both personally and professionally.


It’s time to join a CLC growth and development programme!

You’ll definitely increase your performance and confidence next year if you join one of the following programmes:


CLC Bizboard

This is programme designed to help a small group of business owners to develop themselves as agile leaders and to find new ways to grow and develop their businesses.  Starts January 2019.


CLC Rising Stars

Helps technical experts develop their commercial, management and business capabilities with a view to transitioning to a managerial role in the future.  Starts January 2019.


CLC BizRetreat

Is an intensive deep-dive into your business.  Together with a small group of other like-minded business owners you will spend four days in luxurious surroundings close to Alicante, Spain and have the opportunity to WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS, gain a deeper understanding of tools, techniques and models you can use to help develop your plan for the next 24 months.  Takes place in March 2019.


CLC Coaching

CLC Coaching offers strategic business coaching to small and medium business owners associated with the UK construction industry Through the medium of private, one on one coaching, business owners and their teams receive advice and support to achieve their goals.  Starts whenever you’re ready to optimise it in 2019.


For more information on any of the above, please contact Terry O’Mahony 07736 417 464 or visit the relevant web pages.