As you probably know CLC runs several ‘Mastermind’ style programmes to help business owners, senior decision-makers and team leaders to grow and develop their businesses.  During every programme we recommend that each participant fills out a 90 Day Plan for themselves. So, every 3 months we ask them to take some time to review their last 90 day results and forward plan their next 90 day key goals, targets and actions.



January 1st  (is day ONE of the first quarter of the year)

April 1st  (is the first day of the second quarter of the year – what was your progress in the last 90 days?)

July 1st (You’re already half way through the year – what have you achieved, as this is first day of the third quarter of the year)

October 1st (You’re on your final push – what are you going to do in your last quarter?)


So what next for this year?

So, as we are now in October, have you planned how you are planning to finish the year?  If you did what our programme participants do, you would readily know what you want to achieve by the end of the year.  Do you?  Probably not.

That’s why you need a copy of our ‘90 Day Planning’ template.
Just drop us an email and we will send you a copy.

When you get your copy do the following:

  • Make time in your diary to use it to help you review and plan.
  • Remind yourself what your annual plan still requires of you.
  • Review your last 90 days goals, actions and results.
  • Define your next 90-day goals, targets and actions.

(NB– Make your goals specific, measurable, time bound and adequately resourced.)


Why go to all that trouble?

Because if you don’t you will just have to accept what life gives you; nothing more!