Few business owners know how to build a best in class small business.  Especially those that have to wrestle with the vagaries of the construction industry!  In our experience, most of those that do know how to are either a) exceptionally gifted or b) have been wise enough to take advice on how to do so.

It is our understanding that most small business owners have produced a business arising out of their profession, trade or unique skill set.  This normally means they’re good at what they do and deliver, but not necessarily trained in the skills needed to grow and develop a sustainable business.  So things tend to happen almost by accident.

Just imagine how awesome your business could be if you had the knowledge, capabilities and skills to lead, manage and grow a business.

Keys to growing a business
Arguably there are 7 key elements that must be present before you are able to grow, develop and really sustain a business for the long-term.  They are:

1 Strategy.

If you follow (blindly or otherwise) the wrong business model you cannot grow and develop effectively. Strategy comes first!

Services and Products.

You need to know what problems you are really good at solving or what opportunities you can optimise for your clients.

Systems and Processes.

If you don’t have the right systems to allow you to deliver an exceptional service, on time, within budget every time you cannot grow.


Everyone in the business needs to know how their contribution fits within the overall scheme of things and their particular role and contribution within it.


The growth and development of a company will never be achieved without the full and active support of a growth orientated team. Business owners need to learn how to retain, attract and train their team members to contribute to their fullest extent.

Plans, Programmes & Scorecards.

If you don’t plan then any result will do! So to avoid the obvious we need to create a plan, set targets, resource adequately and hold team members accountable for their results.

Advisors & Support Network.

To achieve success business owners need to surround themselves with the right business advice in the form of accountants, tax advisers, lawyers and perhaps, most importantly, an experienced business coach who has been there, seen it, and knows how to produce results.

Next Steps

If you want to know and learn more about how we can help you to grow and develop your business, you will be pleased to know that for a limited time only we are offering a few complementary Strategic Business Growth & Profit Planning Calls to business owners associated with the construction industry, but there is limited availability.

Are you ready to take your business higher, further and faster?  If so contact Terry O’Mahony direct on 07736 417464.