How to attract new clients should be easy for us all.  

Why? Because we are all doing it all of the time!  

Attracting new clients seems to be the’ Holy Grail’ in most small businesses.  Yes we need to grow revenue.  Yes we need to get bigger and more profitable.  So let’s just get some more clients – it’s easy!  Or is it?

But,as stated previously, this should not be your first priority.  We should be maximising our existing client base first.

However, we all need new clients, if only due to normal business attrition e. g. a key person in your clients’ businesses leaves, someone retires and a raft of other reasons why important client team members remove themselves from the scene.

So, how you get new clients?

Well, obviously it depends on the particular business in question and the markets and clients it chooses to service.  In simple terms we all need a ‘Plan of Action’, but how many of us have one, or have one that is written down and has it been universally agreed and circulated to all concerned.  In most cases there’s no real plan to get more clients.  But if we are to be successful we all need a plan, sales map or system for each and every product or service we sell.

A sales map simply draws a line of progression from where you are now and how you intend to promote yours product on to the receipt of an order.

This simple methodology is based on the long held belief that ‘what you don’t identify, record and measure, you can’t manage ‘.

By identifying and measuring your results along the sales process we can make all necessary improvements to ensure that your recruitment of new clients and their related sales targets are met.

Final thoughts:  When you attract a new client, this is the time for them when they are very interested in you, your business and what you can offer them, i.e. they are more receptive.  But their interest can cool fairly quickly.  Being ‘new’ can give us a clean slate for communication – use it wisely.

Identify 3 ways you could attract more new clients into your business.